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Monthly Archives: September 2023

Common Fluid Leaks and What They Mean

Common Fluid Leaks and What They Mean

Your car has a way of communicating with you, and it doesn't rely on words. Instead, it speaks through the language of fluid leaks. Those puddles of liquid beneath your vehicle are like messages from your car's inner workings, telling you that something needs attention - but what does it mean exactly? The Hidden Language of Fluid Leaks                                              Fluids are akin to subtle whispers, each type revealing a distinct story about your vehicle's condition, as we mentioned above. Here are five easy-to-spot fluid leaks and their intriguing tales: 1. Engine Oil - Near the FrontThe Message: An engine oil leak often means that your engine's vital lubricant is escaping. This can point to worn gaskets or seals or even a loose oil drain plug. The Meaning ... read more

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