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Wheel Bearing Replacement In Lincoln

When wheel bearings get excessively worn, they become a safety hazard and need to be replaced by an experienced professional auto mechanic. That’s why Lincoln, Waverly and Eagle motorists who require wheel bearing replacement count on our inMOTION Auto Care team to provide all their auto repair needs. Our professionally certified auto mechanics have the repair expertise, proven experience, and dedication to updating our tooling and training to stay current year after year. They’re ready, willing, and more than capable to provide you with wheel bearing replacement.
Wheel bearings are one of the most overlooked, yet most critical parts of your vehicle’s drive-axle and steering assembly. Sometimes, drivers may notice symptoms of failing bearings, such as abnormal tire wear, grinding or roaring rotational noises coming from the wheels while moving - the noise may change depending on your speed, abnormal play in the wheels, or unusual steering wheel vibration. Other times, it takes a careful inspection by a seasoned professional who has the proper experience and knowledge. For instance, if a wheel bearing replacement isn’t using pre-greased bearing and hub assemblies, the wheel hub that the bearing fits into has to be packed with the correct grease per the automaker’s specs. And even then, too much, or too little grease will be problematic. Think Goldilocks! You can rely on inMOTION Auto Care to keep you safe and your vehicle just right!
“We care about our customers above all else,” explains our owner Sherri Stock. “Even our hiring of new auto mechanics and customer service staff considers whether a prospect fits our ‘culture of caring.’ It’s also about helping people understand what’s going on inside their vehicles, so they can make educated decisions about how to proceed with their vehicle repairs” In addition, inMOTION Auto Care wants customers to feel welcome and comfortable in our customer lounge, should you choose to wait for your wheel bearing replacement to be completed. We also provide a Shuttle Service or free loaner vehicles (all you have to pay for is the gas!) if you have a pressing engagement elsewhere.

When your vehicle is ready, the repair will be covered by our 5-year/50,000-mile warranty parts and labor warranty - one of the best warranties available in the auto repair industry. Whether you need a wheel bearing replacement or some other service, we appreciate your customer feedback and we will respond to it. See the online reviews customers have graced us with since opening up in 2012, which typically mention our staff’s caring culture, the trust level they feel, and our staff’s professionalism. For instance, consider this recent review a satisfied customer graced us with:
“I'm driving from Colorado to Vermont when 30 miles outside of Lincoln, I hear grinding from the front right tire. I found inMOTION Auto Care on Google. The reviews were amazing and completely accurate. I stopped in and considering the circumstances, they were able to get my car in right away, diagnose the problem and get me back on the road in record time. The waiting area was really clean and comfortable and Jared was super helpful and got me the best deal. Everyone was really friendly! I was 100% satisfied.” -- Bronwen M.
If you’re looking for an exceptional shop in Lincoln that cares about you and your vehicle first, choose inMOTION Auto Care for your auto repair needs. And when you see for yourself how our customer service staff and auto mechanics bring expertise, experience, and continually updated education to your vehicle’s maintenance and auto repair, we’re confident and hopeful you’ll become a lifetime client. And who knows, perhaps when you’re ready, you’ll even refer someone dear in your life to us? We invite you to please call, schedule an appointment online, or drop by to visit and chat with us. We’re located at 131 Russwood Pkwy, Lincoln, NE 68505, and we’re open Monday to Friday between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

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