Doctors and Moms alike will tell you the best form of medicine is preventative medicine. Take care of small issues before they become a problem and in some cases, before causing a bigger problem. This time-tested wisdom also applies to your vehicle, which much like your health, is part of your livelihood.

It's for this very reason, that we perform a 75+ Point Auto Care Inspection with every service appointment. Our techs are meticulous in their process; from belts to batteries, tires to tie rods and filters to fluids. Heck we even check your license plate bulbs saving you the inconvenience of getting pulled over and a nasty traffic ticket!

Believe it or not: Nebraska Revised Statute 60-399 (2) All letters, numbers, printing, writing, and other identification marks upon such plates and certificate shall be kept clear and distinct and free from grease, dust, or other blurring matter, so that they shall be plainly visible at all times during daylight and under artificial light in the nighttime.

Our purpose as well as our responsibility, is to keep all our friends in safe and reliable vehicles. Life is ever inMOTION; your car should be too.

To see a sample of our inspection, click the following link.