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Common Fluid Leaks and What They Mean

Common Fluid Leaks | inMOTION Auto Care

Your car has a way of communicating with you, and it doesn't rely on words. Instead, it speaks through the language of fluid leaks. Those puddles of liquid beneath your vehicle are like messages from your car's inner workings, telling you that something needs attention - but what does it mean exactly?

The Hidden Language of Fluid Leaks

Fluids are akin to subtle whispers, each type revealing a distinct story about your vehicle's condition, as we mentioned above. Here are five easy-to-spot fluid leaks and their intriguing tales:

1. Engine Oil - Near the Front

The Message: An engine oil leak often means that your engine's vital lubricant is escaping. This can point to worn gaskets or seals or even a loose oil drain plug.

The Meaning: Low oil levels can lead to increased friction, engine wear, and reduced performance. Address this issue promptly to keep your engine in optimal shape.

2. Transmission Fluid - Around The Middle 

The Message: A reddish or brownish fluid under your car might be transmission fluid, hinting at a potential problem in your transmission system, such as a damaged pan gasket or worn seals.

The Meaning: Neglecting transmission fluid leaks can result in transmission overheating, slipping gears, and costly repairs. Prompt attention is essential.

3. Brake Fluid - Near Each or One Wheel

The Message: Brake fluid is typically clear or slightly yellow. A brake fluid leak could indicate a problem with your brake lines, master cylinder, or brake calipers.

The Meaning: Low brake fluid levels can compromise your braking system's effectiveness, leading to safety concerns. Address brake fluid leaks immediately to ensure reliable stopping power.

4. Coolant (Antifreeze) - Under the Front Grill

The Message: A green, orange, or pink fluid might be coolant, suggesting a possible issue with your cooling system, such as a radiator leak or a damaged hose.

The Meaning: Ignoring coolant leaks can result in engine overheating, which can cause severe damage. Keep your engine cool by addressing coolant leaks promptly.

5. Power Steering Fluid - On The Front Left-Hand Side 

The Message: Power steering fluid is typically reddish or brown. A leak could indicate problems with your power steering system, such as a damaged hose or a leaking pump.

The Meaning: A power steering fluid leak can make steering more difficult, leading to safety concerns. Get it fixed to maintain smooth and responsive steering.

By understanding these leaks and their meanings, you can take action on time! What actions, you might ask? Well, of course, we are talking about visiting us atinMOTION Auto Care, so we can take care of everything wrong!

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