• Go Straight With A Wheel Alignment At InMOTION Auto Care

    Tuesday 15 May 2018

    Ever been in your local grocery store and had one of those shopping carts? You know, the one with a messed up wheel that wobbles like crazy. Your cart shakes and pulls to one side; if you're not careful, it's clean up on aisle three. Wheel alignment on your vehicle is a lot like that. One or more of your wheels can get out of alignment; you feel a vibration in your steering wheel, which may also be off-center. Your vehicle might pull to one side and you... read more

  • Suspension and Lincoln Roads

    Monday 30 April 2018

    When some folks hear the word suspension, they may think back to those rowdy days of high school. Well, your vehicle's suspension is actually a good thing because it keeps your vehicle up off the road and helps provide a comfy ride around Lincoln. Its job is to keep your wheels firmly planted on the road going over bumps and through curves. Your suspension system has many parts. If you look under your vehicle, it's basically everything that connects your wheels to the vehi... read more

  • 8 Signs Your Car Has Pothole Damage

    Monday 29 January 2018

    A pothole can be your car’s worst enemy. These holes or pits on a road’s surface can seriously damage a vehicle’s ride control system. If you do drive over a pothole, have your car’s shocks or struts checked to make sure they aren’t damaged. Shocks and struts control how vehicles ride and handle. The shock absorbers, or struts act as a cushion to dampen the bouncing action of a car’s springs. The springs absorb the road bumps; without them, the vehicle... read more

  • Upgrade Shocks for Better Handling in Lincoln

    Friday 27 October 2017

    Many Lincoln drivers probably don't think of their shock absorbers as an important safety system; but that's just what shocks and struts are. They're all about ride control – keeping your vehicle tires in contact with the road and managing body motion. Every time you hit a bump or pothole on a Lincoln road, your tire wants to bounce up. The bigger the bump, the higher the bounce. Your shocks or struts push down on the tire to maintain the traction you need to... read more

  • Fall Driving Safety Tips: Are Wet Leaves Slicker Than Ice?

    Thursday 28 September 2017

    Going for a drive when the leaves are changing is a distinct perk of autumn. But add a little rain to the mix, and those same leaves go from picture perfect to potential hazard. Some even say wet leaves are actually slipperier than ice itself, but is that true? If so, what are some fall driving safety tips to keep in mind while traveling through the painted hillsides? Ice, IceBaby Let’s break down the science behind why wet leaves might be slicker than... read more