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Brake Inspection and Replacement in Lincoln

The brake system is the most important safety feature on the vehicle and a brake inspection is possibly one the the most frequently ignored maintenance services. A faulty brake system has the potential to put you and your family in a very dangerous situation, That’s why car owners in Lincoln count on inMOTION Auto Care’s professionally trained and certified auto mechanics to provide thorough brake inspections & premium parts replacement. We have the repair expertise, proven experience, and dedication to updating our tooling and training to stay current year after year. But what truly drives inMOTION Auto Care forward is its heart: our entire staff cares about each customer who graces us with their vehicle. It’s about putting customers first. 
Brakes are the bedrock when it comes to your trusty vehicle. You can’t drive, or more accurately, stop your car without them. If you’re doing a lot of stop and go driving and occasionally braking hard as many of us do, you may need brake inspection & replacement more frequently than other drivers do. We suggest an annual brake inspection to ensure a you’re driving a safe and reliable vehicle. Our auto repair technicians at inMOTION Auto Care know the difference between a routine brake cleaning & inspection service and more severe brake repair and safety issues. Their knowledge, experience, expertise, and ongoing training enables them to correctly pinpoint the actual underlying cause of braking problems and provide the correct and complete solution, without compromise. That’s unmatched performance, certainty, and peace of mind for the motorists in Lincoln, Waverly, Eagle, and the surrounding area.
“inMOTION Auto Care isn’t looking for quick, easy transactions, such as the trial and error parts installing approach others may take,” says our owner, Sherri Stock. “Rather, we’ll begin by building trust, diagnosing the issues and showing customers what they need to know first, so they can make an educated informed decision about their repairs.”  It’s about transparency, respect and caring for our customers, your vehicles, and your pocketbook — that’s how inMOTION Auto Care has built a business based on long-term customers who own Asian or domestic automobiles. Read this five-star customer review (one of many reviews), shared online, by a customer who thought they needed brake inspection & replacement:
“I had the brakes checked due to noise, expecting to need some repairs, only to find they have plenty of life left. They only charged me for the inspection after also rotating the tires! Since they called me early, I had them do the needed fluid change service to the transmission and radiator antifreeze cooling system that I was waiting to schedule. If you are looking for an honest, easy to work with car service business (even though sometimes it's a stressful time personally), please take the time to go talk to inMOTION Auto Care. You will be glad you did. Thanks!” -- Steve and Kaye M.
If you’re concerned about your vehicle’s brakes or need brake inspection & replacement, then choose inMOTION Auto Care as your go-to shop of choice. You won’t be disappointed; in fact, we believe you’ll even consider becoming a lifetime customer because of your vehicle service experience with us. We invite you to call us, schedule an appointment online, or drop by to visit and chat with us. We’re located at 131 Russwood Pkwy, Lincoln, NE 68505, and we’re open Monday to Friday between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

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