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Monthly Archives: May 2023

A Simple Guide for Changing Brake Pads at Home

A Simple Guide for Changing Brake Pads at Home

Changing brake pads is an essential maintenance task for every car owner, but what if you want to take this task on your own? While it may seem intimidating at first, with the right tools, knowledge, and a little patience, you can confidently replace your brake pads at home. Here's a step by step "tutorial" on how to change a brake pad at home with minimal frustrations and problems: Before We Start to Gather These Supplies: Lug wrench Jack Jack stands C-clamp Brake grease New brake pads Potentially a brake caliper tool Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace Ensure you have a safe and well-lit area to work on your vehicle. Park on a level surface, engage the parking brake, and place wheel chocks behind the rear tires for added security. Step 2: Loosen the Lug Nuts Using a lug wrench, loosen the lug nuts on the wheel where you'll be changing the brake pads. It's important to loosen them before lifting the vehicle ... read more

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