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Air/Fuel System Cleaning Service In Lincoln

When your vehicle needs an air/fuel system cleaning service, its overall performance can begin to suffer. When that happens to Lincoln, Waverly, and Eagle motorists, they turn to the auto mechanics at inMOTION Auto Care for maintenance or more serious auto repair. Our customers quickly embrace our shop’s culture of caring, and they especially appreciate how we’ll take the time to explain what’s happening to your vehicle to make sure you understand first, before asking your permission to address and resolve any issues that have been identified. Whether your vehicle needs an air/fuel system cleaning service or a more serious service, our auto repair technicians can help. Building a relationship based on trust and respect from the get-go matters in this industry; it’s what separates inMOTION Auto Care from our competitors.
Modern engines have fuel and lubrication systems designed to provide just the right amount of fuel and oil needed at just the right time that best matches road conditions and how you are driving. However, over time, the combustion process will leave carbon deposits that can build up on or clog up fuel injectors, intake valves, throttle bodies and other complex engine parts. In addition, engine sludge can begin to accumulate. Both can hinder performance, acceleration, and fuel economy. In addition, inconsistent fuel formulation and low-quality motor oils can make things worse. Rely on the auto mechanics at inMOTION Auto Care in Lincoln to perform an air/fuel system cleaning service periodically — which we will thoroughly explain before you pre-authorize the service — that will enable your car to perform more efficiently.
Our customers tell us in online reviews and face-to-face comments how they appreciate the caring, kindness, and respect they experience with our treasured staff. For instance, read this five-star online review:
“inMOTION Auto care is my go-to any time my car needs something! Jared calls me and walks me through all of my options, different costs of different repairs/maintenance, urgency of each one, and they aren’t trying to suck money out of you at every turn. They also will offer financing if your bill is too high for you to pay when you pick up your vehicle. Their service is outstanding, easy to understand, and I would recommend them to anyone!” -- Kelsey B.
If your vehicle’s performance has tapered off some, it’s not accelerating with the pep it used to have, or your fuel economy has dropped, it may be time for an air/fuel system cleaning service. Choose inMOTION Auto Care as your go-to shop. You won’t be disappointed; in fact, we believe you’ll even consider becoming a lifetime customer because of your vehicle service experience with us. We invite you to call us, schedule an appointment online, or drop by to visit and chat with us. We’re located at 131 Russwood Pkwy, Lincoln, NE 68505, and we’re open Monday to Friday between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

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