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Fuel/Air Induction Service In Lincoln

Have you been looking for an excellent auto mechanic to perform a fuel or air induction service? Our auto repair technicians at inMOTION Auto Care in Lincoln would love to do a fuel or air induction service for your vehicle. We have the know-how, the right tools, and great customer service here at inMOTION Auto Care.

A fuel/air induction service is a great way to get rid of deposits that can accumulate and cause your vehicle to cough and lose power or performance. Our auto repair technicians at inMOTION Auto Care can tell you whether your engine’s cough or power loss is because your engine needs a fuel/air induction service. Doing a fuel/air induction service allows more fuel to get into the combustion chamber, thus giving your engine better performance. With the higher speed limits around Lincoln, you certainly don’t want to get left behind, so you could ask us about doing a fuel/air induction service.

Why choose inMOTION Auto Care for a fuel/air induction service? Excellent question! We focus on having an outstanding long-term relationship with you. In a nutshell, that means everyone at inMOTION Auto Care is trained to look at the bigger picture. When your vehicle runs properly, that means you’re happy and safe. Our ultimate goal is to win you over with our excellent service, honesty, and integrity. To that end, we have a generous 5-year/50,000-mile warranty for your peace of mind. Our auto repair technicians have all the right tools to do that fuel/air induction service you’ve been dreaming of. (Just kidding about the dreaming part.) And we provide a shuttle for your convenience because we know that you’re busy!

Still not completely convinced? Read what one happy customer has to say about inMOTION Auto Care in Lincoln:

“inMOTION Auto care is my go-to any time my car needs something! Jared calls me and walks me through all of my options, different costs of different repairs/maintenance, urgency of each one, and they aren’t trying to suck money out of you at every turn. They also will offer financing if your bill is too high for you to pay when you pick up your vehicle. Their service is outstanding, easy to understand, and I would recommend them to anyone!” -- Kelsey B.

Whether you need a fuel/air induction service or not, give us a call. We’d love to be your #1 choice for all your auto repair needs. You can schedule an appointment online, or drop by and chat with us.inMOTION Auto Care is located at 131 Russwood Pkwy, Lincoln, NE 68505. We’re open Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM through 6:00 PM.

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