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inMOTION Auto Care is Lincoln’s premier auto repair facility and is independently owned/operated by lifelong Northeast Lincoln residents Sherri Stock and Jared McPike.

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Sherri Stock: Owner

Sherri Stock | inMOTION Auto CareMy love affair with cars began in High School – the object of my affection: a beautiful, blue 1971 Chevy Nova Super Sport. I didn’t know it at the time, but my high school crush would turn into a life-long passion and a great career. After graduation, I enrolled in the Automotive Technology program at Southeast Community College, Milford Campus and was the second woman to graduate from the 18-month course. I also completed the Parts Management program. I worked my co-op quarter at Gotfredson Chrysler-Plymouth (which later became Russwood) then moved to Columbus and became the Parts Manager at the Dodge Dealer. After 3 years, I moved back to Lincoln and was with Gotfredson-Russwood until 2012. I started in parts as the Wholesale Parts Advisor and after a year moved into the Parts Manager position. In 1997, I became the Service & Parts Director. After Russwood announced its closing, I purchased all of the shop tools and equipment and decided it was time to open my own place. I invited Jared to be my partner and we haven’t looked back. It has been a very fulfilling experience and I’m looking forward to many more years in this ever changing industry.

  • FAMILY: My best friend and husband Ted and our son Chris (who is also my coworker), future daughter in law, Victoria and two beautiful grandkids Viarra and Ezra. We have two dogs: Desi, a Chow Chow and Max, a German Shepherd.
  • WHEN I AM NOT AT WORK I LIKE TO: Do anything outside, walking the dogs, fishing, boating, gardening or just relaxing. I also enjoy cooking (I’m a gadget and cookbook collector), sewing, needlework, reading and of course, playing with my grandkids!!
  • MY DREAM VACATION: Would be a trip around the world, exploring and experiencing as many countries and cultures as I possibly could.
  • FAVORITE FOOD: I love anything Mexican, the hotter the better!
  • MY CAREER MISSION: To raise public awareness of all of the amazing careers the automotive industry has to offer. Not every student is a four year college student, Vocational and Technical colleges are a wonderful alternative for career training. Added benefits are a shorter time commitment to gain the education and less, much less student debt. Job placement after graduation is excellent. Currently, in the Lincoln area there are 10 auto technician positions for every student graduating from SCC Lincoln-Milford. The days of grease monkeys and cars being repaired in our backyards are long gone. Today's vehicles are sophisticated, highly technical machines that need equally highly technical, skilled men and women to repair them.

Jared McPike: Technician/Co-Owner

Jared McPike | inMOTION Auto CareWhen I turned 16, I bought my grandpa’s 1987 Ford F150 pickup from him for 500 bucks. It was a 2 wheel drive, stick shift. That baby was pretty worthless in snow, but I loved it even though I had no idea how anything worked underneath the hood. When I graduated high school, I wanted to know how to be a carpenter so I enrolled at UNL for Construction Management. The summer before school started, I worked for a small construction company doing whatever they told me to do. The dump truck they used for hauling away garbage was made about a 1000 years ago and I loved driving that old thing around, going to the city dump and dumping all the trash. Once school started, I knew I needed a part-time job and I wanted to learn how to change my own oil. So, I got a job working for an Aamco Gas/Service station. Once again, I did whatever they told me to do. They had a propane refilling station and I was the guy who refilled propane tanks for customers. Propane is very cold and it will burn your skin very quickly, so I got real good, real quick at filling those tanks. After Aamco, I worked for Wal-Mart tire and lube express and then went to Russwood to be an oil change/tire technician. At some point my dad said to me, “You know Jared, you seem to really like working on cars, have you ever thought about going to school for that?” The old light bulb went off and I enrolled in the Chrysler Apprentice Program at Southeast Community College in Milford. I was sponsored by Russwood and continued to work there through school. After I graduated, I stayed on at Russwood as a technician for 4 years and then decided I wanted to learn something more. In August 2009, I became a service advisor and worked as one until Russwood closed in February of 2012. I was employed at Duteau Chevrolet as a service advisor until we opened up inMOTION. I am currently ASE certified as a technician and as a service advisor.

  • FAMILY: I have a beautiful wife (Diana) and three kids, Lily, Kate and Graham. We also have a dog named Lola and a girl cat named Spaceman.
  • WHEN I’M NOT AT WORK I LIKE TO: Play with my kids, take my wife out on a date night, play drums or work on my house.
  • MY DREAM VACATION: I like warm weather and beaches. As long as I have those two things, I am pretty happy wherever I am.
  • FAVORITE TEAMS: College – I am a die-hard Missouri Tigers fan. My dad is from Missouri and as a kid I grew up hearing my dad cheer for the Tigers. Naturally I wanted to be like him, so my team, became the Tigers. A message to all the Husker fans who now hate me – It’s okay. We’re in different conferences now and we can all be friends.
  • LB – St Louis Cardinals
  • NFL – Chicago Bears
  • NBA – don’t really care
  • NHL – Chicago Blackhawks
  • HOBBIES: I am very involved in my church and love volunteering to play the drums for the worship band. I have recently taken up turkey hunting, the turkeys have nothing to worry about...yet!.
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