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When Is The Best Time To Fill My Gas Tank?

When your vehicle runs out of gas, the reasonable thing to do is to drive to the petrol station for a refill. It's the need that necessitates tank refills. Many people will be surprised to learn that they can also be strategic with their gas refilling routines and save money and time. Below we provide some practical tips for the best time to fill up your gas. Read on.


Fill the Tank in the Morning or Late Night


It's an excellent idea to visit the gas station early in the morning and late in the night when it's cold outside. The weather is cool, and the tank has reached its reserves. Fuel expands with an increase in temperatures, and the hot conditions reduce its energy-generation power because the fuel burns at a higher rate.


Fill the Tank All the Way


Many drivers will start raising eyebrows when the fuel-pump price shoots past $50, $60, and $70. It might dent your finances a little bit but filling the tank to its full capacity is the best idea. If you have the habit of spending $10 or $15 on fuel, it will cost you more, considering you also use energy to drive to the refilling station. Ignore the one-time costs and fill the tank all the way up.


Don't wait till the Tank is Empty


While filling your gas tank full is good, waiting to refill after it runs empty is bad. That damages the car's fuel pump because it will suck up the little remaining fuel at the tank base together with the dirt, debris, and particles. As a result, the fuel filter becomes clogged, which eventually causes failure of the fuel pump assembly. It is recommended that you refill the tank once it is a quarter full. That allows you to leverage gas mileage since the vehicle is lighter with a partially filled tank. The pump will also be pumping cleaner gas.


If you require more insights into the best way to save on fuel or want general vehicle maintenance and repair services, bring your car to our auto repair shop today!

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