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What Symptoms Indicate a Tune-Up Is Needed?

If you've had the same vehicle for a while now, you're probably already adept at spotting any unusual signs or weird funks. A responsible and experienced driver knows when to take their car into the repair shop for a tune-up. Tune-ups are extensive vehicle inspections that should be performed periodically, significantly more often if you drive an older model vehicle. It usually involves checking up on the fuel, ignition, and emission systems. Tune-ups are generally not expensive, so you should not worry about it. In all seriousness, it can save you a lot of money by preventing minor problems from spreading. Here are the top symptoms your car may exemplify when it needs a tune-up:

Problem Starting Your Car

If you have difficulty starting your engine, it's a clear sign that you need to make a trip here. Car start problems can stem from a variety of things. Due to its ambiguity, it is necessary to have a professional get to the bottom of the problem. If you ignore it, your car might not be able to start at all sooner or later.


If your car stalls, it's probably not just a fluke; there is something behind the problem. Numerous factors can cause your vehicle to stall, including old spark plugs, most of which are preventable with regular tune-ups.

Poor Gas Mileage

Increased fuel consumption can indicate so many problems; it can range from which include a malfunctioning injection system to poor alignment. Unless the issue is narrowed down and corrected, you will continue to waste more money on gas.

Strange Noises

Driving should be a relatively quiet experience. When you start hearing new noises coming from your vehicle, you should take it to our technicians at inMOTION Auto Care as soon as possible. Odd sounds, such as clanking, squeaking, or squealing, should be addressed promptly.

Warning Light On

Warning signs are a no-brainer indication that you need to go to the repair shop. These lights are there to warn you of a severe problem, so please take it to inMOTION Auto Care for the necessary repairs.


Tune-ups serve to help you and your car discover minor issues before they become serious ones. At inMOTION Auto Care, our team constantly emphasizes tune-ups and maintenance to prolong the life of everyone's vehicles. We invite you to bring your vehicle into our shop today!

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