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What Happens If I Ignore My Low Tire Pressure Warning Light?

Perhaps you're on a road trip, or you just don't have the time to pull over and check your tire pressure. Whatever the reason is, it's important to understand what happens if you don't take care of that pesky warning light in your vehicle. Ignoring a low tire pressure warning light can have dire consequences for your tires and even other components of your vehicle. Let's explore why and what you should do if you notice this warning light.

What is the Low Tire Pressure Warning Light?

For first-timers, the low tire pressure warning light, or TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), is a feature of modern vehicles that monitors the air pressure in all four tires. When the sensor detects an abnormal pressure, the TPMS light will illuminate on the dashboard of your vehicle.

What Happens if You Ignore It?

Ignoring this warning light can have several negative consequences for your tires and other components of your vehicle. First, neglecting to check the air pressure in your tires will cause them to wear out prematurely. Low tire pressure can also reduce the traction of your vehicle and make it difficult to handle, especially in wet conditions. Additionally, low tire pressures can increase brake distances and put you at greater risk on the road.

The other major consequence is that ignoring a low tire pressure warning light will reduce the fuel economy of your vehicle. Since tires with low air pressure require more energy for moving, it can lead to a decrease in your car's MPG rating, resulting in higher fuel costs.

Acting on the low-pressure warning, on the other hand, is a simple and easy way to maintain your vehicle performance which could involve pulling over, check the pressure in all four tires, and use an air pump or compressor to restore them back to the manufacturer's recommended level.

If you notice that the TPMS light has been illuminated on your dashboard, it is important to check the air pressure in all four tires as soon as possible. Auto repair shops like ours can do this quickly and efficiently so your vehicle is back on the road in no time. If you need tire repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!


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