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When you are interested in reading informative and educational articles about the automotive repair industry, we are here to help. inMOTION Auto Care in Lincoln loves to provide you with exciting and relevant information. Take a look at some of our engaging, entertaining, and educational posts:

What Does The Brake System Consist Of

Everyone knows what the brake system does, but what does it consist of? We will answer exactly that and briefly explain why all the parts do. If you want to find out more, continue reading!

Brake Pedal

We will start with the brake pedal. It is a pedal that, when pressed, transfers the signal to the brakes, resulting in deceleration.

Parking Brake

While it may sound strange, the parking brake is also a part of the braking system. Even if you use it only when parked, it serves a very important job. It completely blocks the wheel, causing the car to stay in one place.

Brake Lines

The brake lines are full of fluid, usually oil, and their job is to act like a wire. Keep an eye on the lines because they can leak, causing trouble. This fluid can be refilled or topped off by locating the brake fluid tank under the hood.


The calipers are connected to the brake line and brake pads. It houses pistons that, when activated, push the brake pads into contact with the rotor. Brake calipers can get very dirty, so make sure you clean them from time to time.

Caliper Pistons

The caliper pistons are engaged when the pressure sensor in the caliper is activated because of the difference in the brake line. A problem you might encounter if you don't maintain your calipers is stuck pistons - to avoid this, clean them thoroughly.

Brake Pads And Rotors

The brake pads and rotors work together to slow down the car when you press the brakes. When you activate all of the previous components, the brake pads come in contact with the rotors, resulting in deceleration. The rotors themselves are mounted to the wheels. Both of these components, especially the brake pads, wear out, so they need changes.

Brake System Repairs At inMOTION Auto Care!

If your car needs some emergency brake repairs, make sure to stop by inMOTION Auto Care! Our team will be happy to help with anything bothering you, and they will get you back on the road ASAP!

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