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What Does a Tire Bubble Mean?

Certain impacts on the road can cause bubbles in your tires. For instance, when hitting potholes, getting into small collisions, and obstructing a curb and speed bumps can all hurt your tires. Healthy tires should stay smooth and round, so if you notice a bubble or bulge on the sidewall, it’s a sign that something is wrong. You should not continue driving with a tire bubble because it is unsafe.


Tire bubbles are commonly formed in areas of the tire where the rubber has worn very thin. Driving with a bulge can increase your likelihood of a tire blowout. It would help if you replaced the damaged tire as soon as possible because more moisture and air will seep in, causing the bubble to grow larger.


Prevention Tips

There are several ways to prevent tire bubbles from forming. Prevention is always the first step to avoid costing you time and money. 

  • Avoid Potholes, Bumps, and Curbs – Potholes are the most common culprit behind tire bubbles. You should try to steer away from these road obstacles and avoid recklessly driving through them. 
  • Practice Safe Driving Practices – You should avoid speeding, especially when it comes to speed bumps and potholes. We encourage you to be careful when parking and maneuvering around curbs and sidewalks. 
  • Tire Maintenance – Regular inspections of your tires, including their structure, pressure, and tread, can help your tires in the long run. This can help you catch problems early on so that you can make the corrections in time. 


The last thing you want is your tire’s structural integrity to be compromised. When this happens, your vehicle is no longer safe to drive. To avoid putting yourself, your passengers, and others on the road at risk, we highly encourage you to replace your tires as soon as you notice a tire bubble. We welcome you to our tire auto repair shop and have your tire inspected and replaced as soon as possible. Please call or visit inMOTION Auto Care in Lincoln, NE, today!

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