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Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

Cars are designed in such a way that they need to include a safety system, so when an accident happens, the airbags are inflated to cushion a driver's crash. Similarly, the brakes prevent you from getting into an accident, or to stop when it's necessary. But if it has happened to you that your brakes do not respond correctly on more than one occasion, this is serious. It will be better that you fix them before something happens to you or those who cross your path.

I will give you some top signs that your car needs brake repair service:
• The brake pedal is vibrating: It may be due to very worn rotors. When they are deformed, vibrations will result.
• The brakes stop slowly: Sometimes you need to stop fast, but the brakes don't stop instantly. It could be due to an air leak in the brake fluid area or brake hose.
• It's necessary to press the brakes to the ground: It may be because there is air in the brake fluid or there is little fluid in the brakes.
• The car is pulling to one side: No matter how much you drive correctly, you feel that your car is pulling to one side. That could be because there is some strange material in the brake fluid which means you need to drain and change the fluid, or the brake pads are wearing out.
• There is a very loud screeching sound: That unpleasant sound to the ears is a sign that the pads have worn out and can scratch the rotors. This can cause them to get stuck, endangering the life of the driver.
• The wear on the brakes is visible: If you inspect the spokes of the wheel, and you notice that the thickness of the pads is less than a quarter of an inch, they are in need of replacement.
• There is a high-pitched screeching sounds when braking: This means that the brake pads are beginning to wear out and that the brakes are going to fail at any moment.
• The dashboard indicator light is on: It means that a problem has been detected in the brake system of your car.
• There is a puddle of fluid after parking the car: This may be due to a leak in the brake fluid.
• There is a screeching sound even though you bought pads: This means the rotors are failing, heat is generated under braking and causes metal to burn.

If you identify any of these signs from your car's brakes, they are having problems.

If you need brake service, we invite you to bring your vehicle to inMOTION Auto Care today!


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