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Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

The rapid fluctuation of gas prices is a major concern for many drivers. You may wonder how to deal with the rising costs, lower your budget, and probably the environmental effect. Now it's a perfect time to reflect on your driving habits and their impact on your pockets. Still, it's pleasing to know you can shrink your gas costs by increasing your fuel efficiency using a few proven tips.

These gas-saving strategies and tips are also highly recommended and tested by automotive professionals. Therefore you don't have to swap your current vehicle for a hybrid to increase or improve fuel efficiency.

Improving Fuel Efficiency

A short answer on how to increase fuel efficiency is proper and regularly scheduled maintenance, but here are more details and tips.

  • Avoid speeding and keep it steady

Unless in unavoidable circumstances or emergencies, slow down and enjoy your ride. When you are constantly speeding, your engine works harder than usual, consuming more fuel even for short distances. Experts state that you save approximately 7% fuel consumption for every 5mph you reduce.

  • Avoid excess weight and unnecessary junk in your car

Only carry the necessary and recommended items such as spare tires, first aid kits, and your toolbox. Junk may build up over time, so constantly declutter your car. The excess weight puts more strain on your vehicle, like the engine, requiring more fuel to run efficiently.

  • Makes sure your tires are well inflated

Well, inflated and balanced tires mean your vehicle will ride smoothly on the road without straining, lowering fuel consumption. You don't improve fuel efficiency only. You also prevent premature wear.

  • Limit idling

Today, most cars have a stop-start feature system. When you stop, the engine shuts down, and when the brake is released, it automatically restarts. This system helps you save fuel in idle modes, like during an extended stoplight or sitting in heavy traffic.

  • Change or replace your air filters

Ensure you check your engine air filters regularly and change them when clogged with debris and dust. Doing so restores the full suction ability. Dirty air filters force the engine to work harder, drawing air to mix with fuel which is not gas-efficient.

Put these tips to work and watch your gas budget shrink significantly.

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