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Is your vehicle suspension holding up?

InMotion Suspension

You’re driving down the road; it’s a gorgeous evening. The temperature is warming up, maybe you have the windows down and the music turned up. Your friends fill up the empty seats, or maybe your family. You’re enjoying the weather and the company so much that you didn’t notice how quickly your turn came up. You quickly slam on the breaks to slow down the turn, but your car isn’t responding how you want it to. What should be a simple turn becomes a struggle between yourself and your car. Your car should be turning right, but instead starts to drift left, into the other lane with oncoming traffic. You don’t have full control over your car.

The suspension system is like the backbone of your vehicle. Keeping it in good shape can prevent a scenario like this from happening and can keep you and all of your passengers safe. When the suspension system starts to experience wear and tear, you’ll start to experience some warning signs.

Rough/Bumpy Car Rides

The whole point of the suspension system is to make your ride as smooth and enjoyable as possible by absorbing the shocks and impact. If you’re experience a lot of vibration and jolts during your ride, the suspension might be wearing down and it could be time to take it in for adjustments.

Uneven Tire Wear

Tires maintain contact on the road with the help of the vehicle suspension system. If the suspension system isn’t maintaining an even weight with the vehicle, then the tires won’t be maintaining as much contact with the road as it should be. This can then lead to uneven tire wear. You can tell if your tires are experiencing this by looking for bald and uneven spots.

Difficulty Turning

The suspension system affects the steering wheel, so when vehicles start to experience failing suspension systems, drivers will experience difficulties with turning. These difficulties can either be the car drifting or pulling away while completing a turn.

Vehicle Shifting

Due to the uneven tire wear and steering problems that are experienced because of a failing suspension system, your vehicle might start to shift while on the road. This can be a huge safety hazard, so if this starts to happen, you’re best getting it checked right away.

Sitting Lower

Not only does the suspension system keep the weight of your car even, but it helps maintain the height as well. If your car appears to be sitting lower towards the ground than usual, you might be experiencing problems with the suspension system.

If you’re experiencing any or all of these problems, bring your car into inMOTION for repair. The safety of yourself and your passengers is always our top priority.


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