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How to Protect Your Vehicle Battery During the Summer

Summer is approaching. It is time to get out and enjoy the fun of riding. But did you know warmer months can be a toll on your car battery?

During hot weather conditions, the air temperature created under the bonnet can deter your battery from functioning well. So, before you decide on indulging in the summer adventure, it is crucial to take care of your battery.

Ultimate tips on how to protect your battery during summer

Keep it cool

First and foremost, keep your battery cool because the heat on the bonnet can drain it. Parking your car in cool or shade garages can increase its lifespan. Even better, the interior of your car can get cool, too.

Maintain your battery

Keep your battery always clean against grease and dirt, which can trap heat around it. Perform regular maintenance, including battery tests, and changing oils, among others. Check out our auto repair shop for more information about maintenance.

Charge your battery correctly

One of the critical things in increasing your car's lifespan is charging it correctly. Consider buying a car battery charger, which charges it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Inspect water levels

Batteries aren't meant to last forever, but inspecting water levels can extend their longevity. If not sufficient, add water at our auto repair shop.

Upgrade your battery 

If your battery has seen the old days, it is time to upgrade it to a newer model. Older batteries' fluids can evaporate rapidly during hot weather conditions. This is something you have to do prior to summer to ensure your battery stays safe always.

Check the coolant level

Ensure you check a coolant level on regular basis. Otherwise, you are putting your battery at risk when the weather is hot. If insufficient, top up the coolant. Lack of coolant can cause battery malfunction. And this can be detrimental to your engine.

With technology advancing and new cars becoming sophisticated, it is wise to have your battery replaced by a trusted specialist. Visit inMOTION Auto Care today for high-quality services.

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