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How Do You Know When to Change Your Wipers?

The weather in Lincoln, NE goes through significant changes throughout the year. It can rain, snow, or shine (and everything in between). That is why it is so important for Lincoln drivers to be cautious of their windshield wiper’s condition. Your car needs to be fit to handle any type of condition. Having a good, effective set of windshield wiper blades on your vehicle can make a significant difference in visibility and your safety. Unfortunately, most people neglect replacing their wipers until it is too late. 

How Do You Know When to Change Your Wipers?

First, can you remember the last time you replaced them? More than likely, if you have to think hard about it, it’s been too long of a time. Experts recommend replacing them every 6 months to a year. Even if it doesn’t rain year-round where you are, wipers can dry out dramatically during the summer, which is usually the ideal time to change them. 

Another way to tell when you need to change them is by looking for red flags. Below are the symptoms of bad windshield wiper blades:

  • Wipers leave streaks across your windshield
  • Squeaking and squealing sounds when they operate
  • The wipers look worn out, frayed, or cracked

The best test is determining if you can see through your windshield when it is raining. Once they stop helping you on your drive, it is best to have them swapped out for a new pair. Fortunately, windshield wipers are easy and inexpensive to replace.


If you need windshield wiper replacement, we invite you to bring your car to inMOTION Auto care today.


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