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Give Thanks to Your Vehicle

We are fortunate enough to gather with our loved ones wherever this Thanksgiving. For most of us,  it wouldn’t be possible without the help of our cars. Our automobiles are essentially an extension of our legs – they take us far and wide, day in and day out. Why not show your car, SUV, or truck a little love over the holidays with some much-needed maintenance? 

At inMOTION Auto Care, we’re thankful for our customers and the experiences we share with them. With their continuous support, we can pour our hearts into providing quality car care and repairs. Not only has your vehicle given you much support, but it has brought you and the team at inMOTION Auto Care together. 

There are many ways you can show your vehicle some appreciation for Thanksgiving. Here are our top 5 recommendations:

  1. Car Wash - Plain and simple. A scrub and some suds. With rain and snow coming our way, along with long road trips, a lot of dirt and grime may cling onto your car and end up clogging the systems. Not only will your vehicle look better with a wash, but it’ll be healthier inside too.
  2. Reduce Road Rage - While this indirectly impacts the well-being of your car, we encourage you to be more patient on the road. Road rage can lead to accidents and reckless behavior. Instead, use your car as a positive space to mellow out.
  3. Check Your Tires - Tires are single handedly the most important aspect of your vehicle to care for during the winter. Icy conditions can make the roads extra slick, making it harder for your tires to gain traction. That is why you should frequently check its tire pressure and tread for optimal performance.
  4. Top Off and/or Change Fluids - Next, take care of your fluid maintenance. We encourage you to get an oil change, coolant flush, and any other service that will enhance your vehicle’s functionality.
  5. Plan Your Trips Efficiently - Less driving translates to less wear and tear over the course of time. 

To learn more about preventative maintenance and better ways to take care of your vehicle, give the experts at inMOTION Auto Care a call or visit soon! We can assist you with all your automotive needs so that you can reunite with friends and families for the holidays. 

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