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5 Winter Car Care Tips



The winter reminds us that we must prepare ourselves to be able to tolerate the cold. In the same way, we must prepare our cars so that they do not suffer any damage, and we are able to drive on the roads without problems.

In order to have your car remain in good condition, I will give you five tips that will be very useful:

  • Check your basic functions: This means that the weather will most likely change from cold to freezing temperatures. There will be sleet and snow so first, check that your windshield wipers are working well and replace them if you see them cracked. Also check that the heater and defroster work well. Then, check the cooling system. Rinse and fill it with the recommended fluids according to your type of car.
  • Have your car inspected for safety: Check your car's brakes to avoid accidents on the tracks and highways. Especially if you plan to drive a long way. Also check that the wheels, treads, inflation, and turning are alright.
  • Have the engine oil inspected: Some car brands recommend changing the type of engine oil duri
  • ng the winter. This is due to the low temperatures. It is usually recommended in areas of extreme cold.
  • Check your car battery: Make sure your battery is not corroded and carry a battery charger in your car in case you need to recharge it.
  • Check your gas tank: In times of extreme cold it is recommended to have the tank filled to a little more than half. Also use fuel de-icer to prevent freezing of fuel lines.

These tips will not only help keep your car in good condition during the winter, they can also save your life. A car that has not received the proper checkup and maintenance not only becomes a danger to those around, but it can also be a danger to the driver. The best thing to do is to take action before something happens. If you have any doubt, consult an expert.

If you need help getting your vehicle ready for the winter months, we invite you to bring your vehicle to inMOTION Auto Care today!

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